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Available City Tours (download price list here) - Part 1

city tour trier short

Trier Rundgang GANZ Kurz 

(short tour)

On this tour you will get to know the most important highlights of the city. Including 4 of the impressive UNESCO world heritage sites (Porta Nigra, Cathedral St. Peter, Church of Our Lady and the Imperial Throne Room).

We stroll through the Simeonstreet, the most important shopping street, and on the way to the sights we pass other interesting points, such as the House of the Three Magi, The Jew´s Alley and the Main Market.

You will learn everything about the founding of the city, how the city has changed over the centuries and what Trier looks like today.

The tour ends at the Electoral Palace.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes

city tour trier standard

Trier Rundgang GANZ Standard 

(standard tour)

This tour follows the same route as the short tour but contains another UNESCO building from Roman times, namely the Imperial Baths, which we can reach from the Electoral Palace by going through the beautiful palace garden and passing the state museum and the city library.

On the additional part of the way there are more curious stories to be heard and finally a visit to the oldest wellness center in the city forms the end.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

city tour trier one day

ein GANZer Tag in Trier 

(one day tour)

I offer this very special experience to all those who cannot get enough of Trier's history.

The tour starts with a small bus ride up to the Petrisberg, where we will first enjoy the view of Trier. A vineyard stretches out at our feet and below we can take a look at the Amphitheater from above.
Then we continue by foot, down the hill passing the amphitheater with the option of a short interior tour. Then we pass the Kaiserthermen, which we explore from the inside before we start our way towards Porta Nigra, passing the palace garden, the electoral palace, the Imperal Throne Room, the Cathedral St. Peter and the Church of Our Lady, the main market and Simeonstreet.

The path is peppered with lots of highlights,
If desired, the time can be extended and the route adapted.

Note: the tour is only partially suitable for children or those with restricted mobility, as long walks are included.

Duration: Guided tour approx. 4-6 hours, plus  1 hour break after half of the route.

Optionally, the break can take place over lunch or coffee time.

city tour trier for kids

Kleine GANZ groß! - 

(tour also for kids)

The standard tour is also available with child-friendly explanations.

On the way I will tell you stories about the emperors who lived and ruled in Trier, as well as about other outstanding personalities.

And so that fun is not neglected, we meet e.g. some funny monkeys, the city patron (you can expect a little quiz with a price for the winner) and at the end we will dive into the impressive world below the Imperial baths in the oldest wellness center of the city.
Let´s check if this place is haunted!

Note: Other tours can also be designed to suit children.
If you are interested in one of the other tours with children, please write it in your request and I will decide together with you what is possible.

Duration: approx. 120 minutes


In the meantime I am able to offer also bus tours. Come with your own bus and I will join your group to guide you around and through the city. I will tell you interesting facts and stories about Trier while you can explore all the amazing sights relaxed and stressless.  
The common tour takes approx. 60 minutes and I charge my usual fee per hour of 55,- Euros per group. 
Comibnations with tours by foot are possible too. Prices and Dates on demand. 

"Veni, vidi, vici - I came, I saw, I conquered!" 


Available City Tours (download price list here) - Part 2

city tour trier special topic water

GANZ viel Freizeit

(free time tour)

What the Romans did in their free  time is not limited to bread and circuses. On this tour we start in the Amphitheater, where the famous gladiators fought for their lives. Following that we visit the remains of the two large thermal baths, the Imperial Baths and the St. Barbara's baths. Here you can find out everything about the Roman bathing culture.
An outside visit of the baths at cattle market can be added as an option. Furthermore, there is also the possibility to walk to the Roman Bridge , the bridge that has been of importance since the city was founded until today.

Duration: 90 minutes (optional plus 30 minutes)

city tour trier special topic imperial baths

GANZ viel Kaiserthermen - Bauwerks-Führung 

(Imperial Bath only)

The Roman buildings have so much to tell, so it's a pity that we cannot tell everything on a general tour through the city, Therfore there are also guided tours that deal exclusively with one building and reveal many stories and special features.

Join me to the Imperial Baths and immerse in the hygiene culture of the Romans and learn how the facility has changed again and again over the centuries.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes.
Price: 55,- euros (plus entrance to the Imperial Baths)

city tour trier special topic Amphitheater

GANZ viel Amphitheater - Bauwerks-Führung 

(Amphitheater only)

The Roman buildings have so much to tell, so it's a pity that we cannot tell everything on a general tour through the city, Therfore there are also guided tours that deal exclusively with one building and reveal many stories and special features.

"Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant" - Hail, Emperor, those who are about to die salute you“

This phrase is probably often echoed through the amphitheater at the time when the famous gladiator fights were still being fought here.
Join me on this tour and find out what else has happened here.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

city tour trier special topic Porta Nigra

GANZ viel Porta Nigra - Bauwerks-Führung 

(Porta Nigra only)

The Roman buildings have so much to tell, so it's a pity that we cannot tell everything on a general tour through the city, Therfore there are also guided tours that deal exclusively with one building and reveal many stories and special features.

There are so many stories to tell about Trier's famous landmark.

Join me on an outside and inside tour and find out what these massive stones have experienced over the centuries.

The tour is crowned by a very nice view over the city.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

All fees (if not defined otherwise) are for groups starting from 7 participants. The maximum number of participants depends on the type of tour. 
For groups up to 6 people I charge a lower fee!
For groups bigger than 25 participants I will charge a higher fee. 

Most of the tours are also available for people with disabilities. Contact me and we figure out together what is possible.

All tours can also be carried out in modified form, e.g. by adding or omitting individual sights. Please send me your individual request.
(Price per hour: 55,-€) 

Do you want to make someone happy with a special gift?

You can order also vouchers (minimum value 20, - €).
You will receive the voucher as a PDF to print out or per post for own personalisation.
These are valid without expiraton and can be allocated for any of the tours listed above (printout must be brought to the tour).

A cash payment is not possible.

Please order via the contact form.

city tour trier voucher

These and more tour ideas are in progress and will appear here as soon as they are available. 

Please come back!

 Let me know if you are interessted in other topics. 

Not the right tour available?

Please contact me, if you are interested in specific tours and topics. I am glad to work on a new concept. Or I can also connect you - without any obligation - to one of my colleagues. 

City tour Trier with certified city guide

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