City tour Trier with certified city guide
Trier Porta Nigra inside

Are you looking for a city guide?

Do you want to learn about the oldest city in Germany?

Do you want to walk on the trails of the Romans and learn more about their impressive buildings?

Or do you want to know what happened here in the Middle Age?

Or are you interested in the last two centuries?

Then this is the right place!

Because all this and much more you can expect of my tours through Trier. 

Book a city tour an join me on a journey through the time of more than 2000 years in the most record-breaking city you've ever seen!

Trier Main Market



(""Before Rome stood Trier for 1300 years, may it continue to exist and enjoy eternal peace!")

City tour Trier with certified city guide


Discover my range of tours through Trier.

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact me anyway - I will help you to find the right thing.

You want to surprise someone with a guided tour? Order a voucher via the contact form (more information under "Tours"). 


What is new?

24.04.2024 Update Price List and General Terms and Conditions

The prices for the tours and the General Terms of Conditions in 2024 were updated. 

28.12.2023 New Tours and Pricelist available

The dates and prices for the tours in 2024 are available. 

26.03.2023 Update General Terms and Conditions

Due to new tours in my program I updated my General Terms and Conditions. They can be found under "Terms and Conditons" or downloaded here

22.01.2023 Just one week left

In just one week you can find here all information about my new tours for 2023. Just come back and find the new dates under "Dates & Contact"

26.06.2022 Now available - Bus Tours

After my successful exam I am able to offer now bus tours. Come with your own bus and I will join your group to guide you around and through the city. I will tell you interesting facts and stories about Trier while you can explore all the amazing sights relaxed and stressless.  Dates and prices on demand under "Dates & Contact"

24.04.2022 New Corona regulations during city tours

From now on the  3G-rule is applicable again on tours and within sights (3G-rule (vaccinated = geimpft, tested = getested, recovered = genesen)  

Current Corona regulations during city tours

Here you find the current regulations regarding Corona published by the tourist information Trier.
Download link


Tours and Prices for 2022

Here you find my tour list and prices for 2022 as pdf download.
On top you a list of tours in progress at the end of the list. 
Download link


20.10.2021 Dates 2021/2022

On the contact page you can find now all available days and time frames for 2022. 

For 2021 I do not plan to perform anymore tours but if required you still can request tours for this year. 

20.10.2021 Corona Update

Already since a few weeks "normal" tours can be booked again. Groups of up to 30 people are possible again. If you are interested to discover Trier you can send me a request via my contact page. Also visit the website of the tourist information Trier. You will find a lot of interesting and also some new tours. 

Important Note: 
The current situation still requires special measures:

  • registation of contact data
  • minimum distance
  • hygiene rules
  • inside visits of sights only with 3G-rule (vaccinated = geimpft, tested = getested, recovered = genesen)  

13.06.2021 It starts again

Finally, it starts again. Due to the new Corona policies guided tours are possible again since beginning of June for groups up to 16 people. If you are interested to discover Trier you can send me a request via my contact page. Also visit the website of the tourist information Trier. You will find a lot of interesting and also some new tours.  

Important Note:
The current situation still requires special measures:

  • registation of contact data
  • mandatory face masks (for group and tour guide)
  • minimum distance
  • hygiene rules
  • maximum number of participants: 16
  • limit of duration: 90-120 Minuten
  • inside visits of sights limited or not possible at all 


17.04.2021 Digital Tours

Currently the Trier Tourist Information offers some digital tours. Under you can find more information. 

17.04.2021 Still no fixed dates

As the situation did not change much so far, there are still no fixed dates available on my website. But of course you can buy vouchers or request already dates that will be fixed following my terms of conditions. Due to the current situation the allowed time frames for cancellation will be more flexible and also the expiration of vouchers can be extended. 

15.10.2020 No tours anymore in 2020!

Due to the current development of the corona situation, I have decided not to offer any tours anymore this year. You are welcome to request tours already for 2021.
Available dates for the new year will also be posted on the site towards the end of the year.
I hope for your understanding. Stay healthy and above all stick to the rules.

12.10.2020 Finally, it starts!

My website is online. Now you can find me and book a tour. I am looking forward for your request. You are not afraid of rainy and windy weather conditions? Great, so we might see each other still this year in Trier.  

12.10.2020  Corona - Regulation

When participating in city tours, the following must be strictly respected:
1) A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people must be maintained at all times, except between members of one household and possibly another household.
2) General hygiene rules must be respected (cough and sneeze rules)
3) Guests who have cold symptoms are not allowed to take part in the tour in order to not endanger other participants and the tour guide
4) It is recommended to wear a mouth and nose cover during the tour.
5) Depending on the situation, changes of route and sights are possible, if e.g. the required minimum distance cannot be maintained or there are separate rules for the sight.
6) Currently, the group must not exceed 16 people. If there are more people in the group, additional tour guides must be booked. I am happy to help with searching suitable colleagues.
7) The name, address and phone number of all participants are collected in compliance with data protection regulations in order to enable infections to be tracked. According to the regulation, this data must be kept for a period of one month and will be destroyed immediately after the period has expired.